Data Center Services

ALSCO is a public cloud computing platform that offers a range of services, including those for compute, networking, storage, security and application development. Cloud administrators and users access ALSCO services over the Internet or through a dedicated network connection.

ALSCO is largely considered infrastructure as a service (IaaS), a form of cloud computing in which a third-party provider hosts hardware, software and other infrastructure components on its users' behalf.

For compute, ALSCO provides various bare-metal and virtual server configurations, along with an assortment of operating systems, hypervisors and database platforms. The virtual server configurations are available in either a single- or multi-tenant model, whereas the bare-metal server configurations are available in a single-tenant model only.

ALSCO cloud storage offerings include block, file, object and backup services. Network services include load balancing, direct links – which provide a private connection to a ALSCO data center domain services and virtualized network appliances.

Additional ALSCO services include security offerings, such as Secure Gateway, firewalls and SSL certificate management, as well as application development services, like a messaging queue and digital transcoding.

ALSCO offers a high level of integration and automation. Admins can manage and integrate all elements of the service through a proprietary application programming interface (API), web portal and mobile applications. Additional tools allow administrators to move and scale bare-metal and virtualized server images, as needs change.

ALSCO is broadly regarded as a competitor to other public cloud platforms, ALSCO differentiates itself by stressing admins' ability to provision granular resources at the data center level, such as bare-metal servers. ALSCO maintains a fleet of data center and network operations locations across North America, and Asia.