IT Beyond the Datacenter

IT is a fast-moving world of new ideas and technological developments. ALSCO helps ensure your organization is implementing the best of today's technology in your data center and beyond. We provide you with next-generation solutions and the engineering expertise to implement and support them


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Are you looking for a reliable company to provide database services? ALSCO International database consultants can help you evaluate your custom database needs and our database development team can build a custom database application tailored to the exact needs of your business. In addition to database design and development, ALSCO International  provides a broad array of database development services including custom database programming, database integration, and web database development. Our clients range from mid-sized organizations to large goverment agencies. We can work independently, or with your technology team, to design and build a custom database software application for your business. Let us show you how to improve data integrity, enhance your reporting systems, and integrate your database software products. ALSCO International ‘s database technicians can repair and rebuild corrupt database structures or design and build a new relational database per your specifications. Don’t despair if you are no longer supported by your database software vendor, ALSCO International  provides database services for a wide variety of database platforms and orphaned database software products.


Database Consulting Service and Database Design Services
Want to supercharge your database? Do you need to increase performance without sacrificing reliability? Does your business software database contain valuable information that can’t be shared with other database applications? If so, ALSCO International can help. Our experienced database consultants will help you create a database design configured to the exact needs of your business and our custom database software will help you capture and manage all of your important business data. Our database consultants and custom database design team will analyze your business requirements and help you design and implement a custom database solution that will improve the performance of your business database software. At ALSCO International we take database consulting seriously and strive to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. We use the latest Open Source and Microsoft technologies to insure that our database designs and custom database solutions are fast, accurate, and reliable. We also work some with existing custom database applications and legacy database solutions and, if we can’t work with it, we can design and build a replacement and migrate your existing data.


Web Database Development and Database Integration Services
Does your organization need assistance with database integration? Is your staff complaining that they can’t access valuable business data or that they can’t merge related data from multiple databases or that redundant entry causes delays and errors? Are you till dependent on archaic methods for data exchange? If you answered yes to one of these questions ALSCO International  database services can help. Our experienced database consultants will help you organize your business requirements and define your database integration needs, and our database programmers can build a reliable custom database software application that will help you run your business. Our database integration experts have years of experience and our database services staff use the latest tools and methods to connect your enterprise software and mission critical databases. Our database integration specialists can integrate virtually any database or software package. We have several integration tools available that allow us to build user triggered, or automated data transport routines that share data across disparate database applications.