Global Managed DNS

Global Managed DNS

Improve Availability with Global Managed DNS Make sure your cloud properties are always available, to all your worldwide users, with global Anycast DNS featuring blazing fast resolutions, near real-time update propagation, and the security-first posture of our entire edge platform.


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Global Anycast

ALSCO DNS is powered by a worldwide Anycast network built within the same advanced network infrastructure as all services in our platform. Our customized network and computing hardware in every PoP can service any DNS request or record change at lightning speeds. End users get exceptionally low query latency.


You get nearly instantaneous DNS record management changes, ideal for faster migrations, scalability, and failover actions..



Fast Resolution

DNS data is held and served right at the cloud’s edge.


Smart Routing

DNS traffic is automatically routed to the most optimal DNS server.


Near Real-time Propagation

All DNS updates pushed worldwide in seconds.


High Performance

Available. Reliable. Scalable. ALSCO DNS is designed for the most demanding applications and the organizations that love them. It leverages the strength and design of our network infrastructure to deliver the highest performance and minimize operational challenges as well as business risk.


Redundancy and Optimization

With queries serviced by every PoP, there is no single point of failure and an infinite number of routing options.


Automated Scaling

Smart capacity and performance scaling, worldwide, deftly reacts to query spikes without human intervention (yours or ours).


Built-in Load Balancing and Failover

Intelligent traffic management and seamless handoffs minimizes, if not eliminates, DNS bottlenecks and downtime.


Guaranteed Uptime

As with all ALSCO services, our DNS comes with a 99%999 uptime for organizations of any size.