High availability Solutions

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Server uptime and site availability are top priorities for every business. But for those that generate revenue from their web presence, ensuring reliability is paramount. Any amount of unexpected downtime comes at a cost, and hardware failure is the most common contributor. Fortunately, it's also preventable. You can insulate your business — protecting your revenue and reputation — by adding redundancy to your hardware environment.

A High Availability (HA) Hardware Environment accomplishes that by assigning a floating IP address and adding a second physical server, data replication to keep them in sync, and a failover mechanism. In the event of a hardware failure, the second server takes over and your traffic continues to flow with minimal interruption. An HA solution also makes it possible to perform zero-downtime upgrades.

How It Works

High Availability Hardware Environment

DRBD®: Distributed Replicated Block Device allows your data to be mirrored between the servers and remain continuously in sync

Heartbeat: Heartbeat provides cluster infrastructure services such as resource monitoring and messaging to facilitate failover and keep your business online