What is Secure Gateway?

HI I am Miranda from ALSCO


Even though the ALSCO datacenter is super secure, bad guys can still attack you via your website. After all, like any software, website are susceptible to attacks from hackers viruses and malware. So, to protect your site, we offer Secure Gateway security.


Secure Gateway protects your website and web applications from cyberthreats and harmful traffic like cybercriminals and bad bots it scan for signs for trouble, checks to make sure you are not blacklisted anywhere, and ensures that you have no database vulnerabilities.


Secure Gateway is patented technology work base on NTA which stands for Network Traffic Analysis. Secure Gateway also verifies your information as legitimate, Help ensure your emails aren't marked as spam, remove notices of an SSL certificate on your site, and displays a secure gateway badge on your website to signal visitors that you take online security seriously.


Simply visit or your alsco support account to instantly protect your website and reputation.


Thank you for choosing ALSCO

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